2020 MN State USBC Annual Meeting, Hall of Fame, Jamboree Canceled

To the Members of the MN USBC,

As we all weather through the Covid 19 pandemic it has became necessary to once again examine scheduled events of our organization.

It should be once again be noted that the well-being of our members is the most important concern of our organization and your leaders. There are numerous factors that have brought us to the decisions that have been made; the most important is at this point the inability to predict what
our Governor and his staff will dictate, the course of the pandemic and what the results connected to this event will give us in the near months and the rest of the summer season. Unfortunately the best course of action is to be prudent and not put our members in jeopardy; that is the
course that has been decided. With that said note the following.

The MN USBC Board of Directors met by telephone conference 6/3/2020 and have came to the following conclusions.

1.) Cancel the 2020 Annual Meeting which includes the 2020 Hall of Fame Induction ceremony scheduled for August 2020. The next Annual Meeting, March 2021, is being planned along with public ceremonial induction of 2020 HOF inductees along with NEW HOF members at the 2021 HOF Banquet.

2.) Adopt the 2020 Organizational Budget as the guide for our 2021 fiscal year. (Our current budget is on course and should be an adequate guide for the coming year as well.)

3.) The extension of sitting Director Terms as well as that of expiring Executive Board Term through the 2021 Fiscal Year. These positions to be addressed with annual business at the 2021 Annual Meeting for the remainder of those terms.
a.) National USBC guidance supports and suggests
this course of action to assure that members continue with
representation during this unexpected and abnormal time. We as an organization are making the appropriate acknowledgement to the National USBC along the lines of this guidance.

4.) Cancellation of the 2020 Jamboree and Banquet that was scheduled for August 2020. (Planning for the 2021 Jamboree has already started.)

If there are any questions please direct them to our association office or to myself. We all pray for this pandemic to pass swiftly and for the "normal" interaction of our bowling organization to return to us all. I also encourage each bowler to consider supporting our local houses the best we can; if that is take-out food, or curb-side services keep them
in mind too so they are there when this passes and bowling play can return. Most of all blessings to each of our members and our families and "be well", see you on the alleys....

Gregg Moyer, President MN USBC