MN USBC Bowling Update (Jan. 18, 2021)

To the Minnesota Bowlers of the MN USBC:

Hoping that these notes today find our membership well and ready to head back to the Bowling alleys of Minnesota.

As you all know there has been some softening of the Governor’s mandates allowing some activity to once again start around the sport we all love and appreciate.

I wanted to take a moment to update our membership on the plans that have been made to move in this general direction by your organization as well. The Board of Directors met 1/17/21 to discuss the matters that I will touch on as well as other items in the management of the MN USBC

  1. The planning for our annual meeting and Hall of Fame banquet which was to take place in March is being postponed until probably May if conditions allow. It is the consensus that March is just too early to make solid plans. Also, especially in the case of the Hall of Fame banquet it is still too risky to expect our senior members to come out for an event. We will publicly recognize our HOF members that have been voted in as conditions allow for that gathering.

As far as the business of our organization is concerned we will continue to take care of business with the group that we have had to this point. Our organization continues to be strong and in good financial condition; and ready to get back to bowling as we all remember it. Any questions may be directed to myself or to the State Bowling Office if there should be any.

  1. The MN USBC Women’s Tournament will begin March 5th, 2021 and run until May 2nd, 2021. Sherri Hoheisel is close to being able to schedule bowlers for the tournament; she will have a message to the bowlers in the next few days on procedure for reservations. REMEMBER, every team will need to touch base to secure a reservation in the tournament.

  2. The MN USBC Open Tournament will begin March 2nd, 2021 and run until May 16th, 2021. Dick Woelfel is the Tournament Director and will also be scheduling bowlers in the very near future. Here again stay tuned to this site as well as the MN USBC concerning procedures to get reservations established to bowl in this tournament. REMINDER, every team will need to touch base to secure a reservation in the tournament.

  3. The Mixed Doubles Tournament will proceed as scheduled at this time; consult the MN USBC website for the specifics concerning entering that competition.

  4. The MN USBC Youth Tournament is planning to proceed as scheduled at this point be sure to plan ahead and check out the entry specifics on the MN USBC website for the tournament.

As we all go forward; let us hope and pray that our progress continues forward. Remember our Bowling Proprietors, their employee families and the other products they offer to the public and support their businesses in that fashion as well. Be well and God bless….


Gregg Moyer, President, Minnesota USBC