Storm Bowling Balls

Although USBC has banned six Storm manufactured bowling balls from USBC National Tournament competition, the MN STATE USBC WILL ALLOW the use of these balls for the remainder of the MN State USBC Open, Women's, Mixed and Youth Tournaments for 2021.

USBC has stated that these balls are still approved equipment.  Storm has stated that they will be coming up with a plan to replace the affected balls for bowlers who have already purchased them and to remove the affected balls from any further sale.

The affected models include:

  • Storm Phaze 4
  • Storm Electrify Solid
  • Storm Trend 2
  • 900 Global Altered Reality
  • 900 Global Wolverine
  • Roto Grip UFO Alert

The Storm Spectre remains disapproved and is not allowed in USBC certified competition at any level.