47th Annual Minnesota State Mixed Championships

Apr. 18 – May 9, 2020

AMF Southtown Lanes

Bloomington, MN
 All Minnesota State USBC Events Cancelled
Effective March 28, 2020

To the Bowlers of the MN USBC:

With the continued threat of the Corona Virus we would all certainly agree that our lives have all been changed, and frankly in a way that none of us would have anticipated just a few months ago. Today (3/28/20), your leadership team held an emergency board meeting to consider the well-being of our members and consider what steps should be taken to ensure the the health and security of our organization's members. These are the conclusions and actions taken based on the advice of state and national sources as well as estimates shared by the CDC concerning this current pandemic.

The remainder of all 2020 Minnesota State winter tournament bowling competitions that are now suspended are CANCELLED.
This includes: the Open Tournament, Women's Tournament and the Mixed Doubles tournament (the Youth Tournament was already cancelled for 2020).
The prize fund for the tournaments will be dispersed to those who have bowled based on the standings when the tournament was suspended.
All those who have not bowled will receive reimbursement for the monies paid for registration. These reimbursements will be made and sent to the team captains of each team registered and paid for in the tournament. I would ask that our bowlers be patient about this reimbursement; we are hoping to have the reimbursements made within the next 4 weeks. Please also note; we are hoping to offer tournament competition in conjunction with the 2020 - 21 season as in past years, and invite all of our bowlers to look forward to that opportunity.
As always please watch and stay updated with our State Bowling website and the MN USBC Facebook site of our bowling organization.
Going forward we all hope and pray for the well-being of our members and hope we each exit this time of challenge without event. Also be sure to follow the advise of our government leaders to make sure we each have the very best chance of surviving this threat without illness. We look forward to seeing each and every one of our members in the future at future events.

Thank you all for your consideration and patience. Be well....
Gregg Moyer, President MN USBC