Minnesota State 67th Annual Women's Tournament

Jan. 22 - May 1, 2016
(Excluding Easter Weekend March 27, 28, 29)

Team, Doubles & Singles

Garden Center Lanes

Alexandria, MN

Women's State Tournament Contact Info:

For Reservations Contact Sherri Hoheisel
Ph (320) 468-2991 Fax (320) 468-2991

MN State USBC Women’s Championships
27672 213th St Pierz, MN 56364


News and Notes for the 2016

Minnesota Women's State Bowling Tournament


1.  A new Facebook page dedicated to the Women's State Tournament can be found at

     MN Women's State Bowling Tournament.  This will be an interactive page where teams can post

     if they need a sub, plus news of the tournament, entry forms, etc will be posted.  Weekly standings

     will be posted on the state website at www.mnstatebowl.org


2.  Team captains are responsible for finding subs.  The tournament office, host bowling center/s or

     host associations will no longer be responsible for providing subs or sub lists. Should a last minute

     sub be needed we'll be glad to announce at the tournament site we are in need of a sub before squad

     time.  Please make sure to utilize the new Facebook page to help find subs.


3.  The 5 person Optional Scratch team event option has been dropped from the tournament due

     to lack of participation.


4.  Bowlers are eligible to bowl in the team event TWICE and can compete twice in the

     4 person team event or twice in the 5 person team event or one 4 person and

     5 person team combination. Check tournament rules for numbers of bowlers to change on

     the rosters.


5.  A new style “Years of Participation Pin” will begin this year. Please make sure to check the

     participation book when you're at the team house to make sure the book is up to date.


6.  Two more achievement pins have been added to the on site awards.  The triplicate award and

     the 7 – 10 split.

News for the 2017 Tournament 

The 5 person team event will be eliminated

and ALL teams will be 4 person teams.