2020 Youth Championship Tournament has been cancelled.  Entry forms and fees will be refunded to those that mailed forms/payments.   

The 2021 Youth Championships Tournament is scheduled at Cedarvale.   




All Minnesota State USBC Events Suspended for 30 Days, beginning March 15th, 2020.

To the Bowlers of the MN USBC 

Firstly I would like to thank all of the many folks who have either spoken with us, called or emailed on this matter; all of your many comments and advice have been weighed and considered as our leadership board considered our organization as a whole. With that said, the decisions made today may not suit every member as it relates to each of us individually. What has been in the forefront is what is best for our whole membership, our state and each of our communities as it relates to state activities. We have decided that caution is the best course the CDC, our President, our Governor and National USBC which all advocate not allowing opportunity for this virus to have the ability to be contracted through groups to unsuspecting individuals. It should also be noted that a considerable amount of our membership (60 years and older) are particularly vulnerable to this virus, one of the larger considerations connected to our decision.

 Effective immediately:

Minnesota State USBC is suspending all tournament competition for 30 days, to be re-assessed before resuming competition depending on progress / lack of progress of the pandemic prior to resuming.
Minnesota USBC Annual Meeting and HOF Banquet is suspended and is going to be re-scheduled for a later date (tentative date June 6th, 2020).
MN USBC Mixed Doubles Tournament is suspended for 30 days to be re-assessed before opening.
Minnesota USBC Youth Tournament is cancelled for 2020.
As we all move forward there will be opportunity for bowlers to re-schedule for competition on a later date should this effect the reservation that stands at this time. There are also provisions for reimbursement should that be the choice of the team; however we would much rather welcome each of the teams to the tournament once this threat to our health has passed. 
Please stay tuned to the MN USBC website the MN USBC Facebook site, or with your local Association Manager for updates as we move on. As always if there are questions feel free to contact tournament directors, the state office or myself for answers.
These decisions are NOT intended to dictate what is done on the local level. That is a decision for each of our association boards, bowling houses and leagues. What should be noted is that per USBC guidance those decisions need to made jointly with each house and association / league as it pertains the the local circumstances.
Let's all hope and pray this Corona-virus passes quickly and spares our members and those dear to each of us. This is a serious matter and your leadership team has decided to take the steps to be as cautious as possible concerning this situation. Be careful, wash your hands often, and be well...
Gregg Moyer, President MN USBC